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 DJ Yung Red is a 29-year-old native of Toledo, Ohio and a University of Toledo graduate. Red's journey began in 2006 when she started reaching out to local DJ's via MySpace. After sending out countless messages two DJs agreed to take Red under their wing and show her the ropes. At age 16, Red started working with DJ Big Lou the Mayor and DJ Kausion by going to their gigs an observing, ask questions, and helping with the operations. Over time Red gained knowledge of different equipment to see what she was more comfortable with. This helped Red invest in her own equipment later own down the line. Red's first solo gig was in 2009 at Mug Shots a local bar in Toledo, Ohio that held about 300 people. That night was a total shock to Red and Kausion. Just like any other Sunday night Red was opening up for Kausion, this was her practice time. Once the crowd started to poured in, Red was reading them and they were loving what she had to offer. Since then Red has been booking a variety of gig from clubs, weddings, along with campus events in various cities and states. Clients love how professional Red is and how she interact with the crowd. Quote: “A female DJ can do ANYTHING a male DJ can do with the right guidance” –DJ Yung Red. Red salutes DJ Big Lou the Mayor, DJ Kausion, and DJ Doww Jonez she says without them taking her under their wings she wouldn’t be doing what she loves. Currently, Red is a member of Core DJs, Nerve DJs, Founder of Full Effect Radio on 88.3WXUT, Mixing on holidays for WJZE Hot 97.3 in Toledo, Ohio, Red also occasionally mixes for The Core DJs Radio on Shade 45 Sirius XM.

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Lil Baby - Woah Lil Baby
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